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With all the Serge synthesizers produced over four decades and sold around world, where can you find music done on them? While many famous musicians have used them, few have plastered album covers with a glitzy gear photo or a title like "Serge Does Broadway!" You have to do some research to find out who's done what. The search is not hard though, and turns up some interesting names. Here's a partial list of musicians, from mainstream to fringe, who have used the Serge on recordings, film and commercial projects, and other works over the years:


  • Parallel Worlds
  • Will "Stonewall' Jackson
  • Richie Hawtin/Plastikman
  • Skinny Puppy
  • Gary Chang
  • Moby
  • Frank Zappa
  • Vince Clarke
  • Ernie Deaks
  • Stereo Society
  • Michael Stearns
  • LEM - Live Electronic Music
  • Ivan Tcherepnin
  • Chas Smith
  • kirk degiorgio
  • Stevie Wonder (TONTO)
  • Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson ('77-'80) (TONTO)
  • Tonto's Expanding Head Band (TONTO)


  • Weather Report "Tale Spinnin'"
  • Stanley Cowell "'Talkin' Bout Love"
  • Earl Howard - "Pele's tears"
  • Kevin Braheny - "Planetary Unfoldings","Galaxies"
  • Roger Powell - "Air Pocket"
  • Antenne - "Here to go"
  • John Duval - "Hell's Canyon"
  • thighpaulsandra- "i, thighpaulsandra" new LP (credit to rex and sts on liner notes)
  • rhythm and noise (rex's old group from san francisco)
  • barton mclean "mclean mix" (serge on album cover, even!)
  • John Papiewski : m/n/m/l "Perpendicular Twist",
    "Another Round Thing with Music on It","vicissitunes"
  • Chris Macdonald: Telomere - "Astral Currents"
  • James Potter:"13 drones"
  • Tom Hamilton: "Formal & Informal Music" (Somnath Records 1981)
  • Doobie Brothers: "The Captain & Me"

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