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Nov 1 2005
Added pictures and notes from Keven Braheny Fortune

Sept 2004
Added page for 150 dpi Graphics
Added Dominic Milano Review from "Keyboard" magazine
Added 1981 "Features" Bruchure

June 2004
Added Pages for:
"Now - The 2nd Millennium"
a Serge Music Compilation DC

Serge Users and Recording

February 2003
Much needed updates to:
Photo Gallery
Shop Panels

June 2002
Prices Updated
Links Updated
"Animal" panel graphic added to Shop Panels section

December 2001
"Chinese Insurance"
a system built in 1976 by Gary Chang

Old Serge Modules
Descriptions from a mysterious anonymous donor


September 2001
EGRES site moved
Links page updated
FAQ updated

June 2001
Some new Photos in the Gallery
page updated
Added the beginning of a FAQ

March 2001
Added a few new Shop Panels
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January 2001
Shop Panels
Updated Wizardry (Dual Voltage Controlled Clock)
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December 2000
Price List
Roxanne Returns: "The Queen of Silver Solder" is building panels again
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July 2000
New system photo

April 2000
History of T.O.N.T.O.
'Fist of God' photo & text
Revised Wizardry
Revised Links
Farewell & Good Luck, Roxanne


Q: I'm in the market for a modular system, and I'm trying to figure out which is the best. Serge, Wiard, MOTM, etc all look great. What do you think?
A. Back in the middle 90's you had basically two companies making analog modular synthesizers. Today there's something like ten! They all have great unique things to offer. It's all a matter of personal taste.

Q: Who services Serge systems?
A: Rex Probe at Sound Transform Systems repairs / restores Serges.
Kevin 'Synthfool' Lightner is also highly recommended:
You can contact him at:
Kevin Lightner
PO Box 201
Wrightwood, CA 92397-0201
Shop: 760-249-6767
Repair Policy

Q: What are the prices for the shop panels?
A: We don't have that information right now. All we can tell you is, add up the cost of the individual modules, add a ROX, a power supply, some patch cords, there you have it.

Q: I live overseas and don't want to call Rex Probe. What is his email address?
A: Rex does not have an email at this time.

Q: Where can I get a used Serge system?
A. Keep up with the Serge Mailing list. Used systems are usually posted there first. Other than that, nobody ever sells theirs! They like them too much!

Q: What's "EGRES" mean?
A. It's SERGE spelled backwards.

Q: Are Serges available as kits?
A. Serges used to be available as kits many years ago, but this was discontinued.

Q: What is the color coding on the banana jacks?
A. Red is used for trigger signals, Blue for DC coupled signals, Black for AC coupled signals, and purple is used for sync.