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Now - The 2nd Millennium

The Serge Modular Synthesizer was born in the early '70s in a California music school balcony, a guerilla effort by Serge Tcherepnin and his students.  Today, Serges are still made for musicians and sound designers around the world.

In 1983 the Serge Company made a demo cassette featuring musicians playing in styles ranging from Bach to avant-garde experimental.  Twenty years later a new generation of Serge fans put together this CD with all-new music.  We hope you'll have as much fun listening as we've had playing!

The Tracks:

  • Gas Giant* - 3:41 - Sine Projekt: Kyle Jarger & Byron Jacquot
  • Obsession - 7:24 - John Loffink
  • Spectral Inversion - 7:40 - Blake Wilson
  • Lifecycle - 6:10 - from "Astral Currents" - Telomere: Chris Macdonald
  • Sun Shine - 3:24 - from "Perpendicular Twist" - m/n/m/l: John Papiewski
  • 11 minutoj post vi mortas - 5:48 - from momentoj eternaj - julien
  • Stolen Moments of Glory* - 5:49 - Nick Wilson
  • Dark Highway - 2:57 - from "Pondering the Pleasures of the Proof" - Michael Firman
  • Serge & Roland* - 6:03 - Frank Moreno
  • Serge Raga - 6:00 - Andre Stordeur

*Serge Modular and other instruments

Production: John Papiewski
Co-production: Blake Wilson
Mastering: Andre Knecht, ARK Digital, Pasadena CA
Design: Marilyn Schweitzer, Mike Firman
Bat Wrangler: Rex Probe, Sound Transform Systems

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