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SQP Sequencer - $1200 USD

Features and Notes

6-Stage Sequencer Programmer (SQP6)

Years ago Serge Modular manufactured a four-stage Sequencer Programmer which was discontinued when the sixteen stage Touch Keyboard Sequencer came into production. Musicians have often wondered what happened to it, since they liked its economy, and the fact that its modest dimensions did not tie up an entire Panel for a couple of preset voltages. Our new line of Sequencer Programmers was designed to fill this need. These new controllers are far more powerful than our early model, however, since we have incorporated most of the functions which have proven so successful in the Touch-Keyboard.

Features common to all the SEQUENCER PROGRAMMERS (SQP4-8) include the ability to be used as push-button, manual programmers and/or as multi-versatile sequencers. As in the Touch Keyboard, the length of sequences can be programmed interactively via the pushbuttons: thus sequence lengths can be changed in performance while a sequence is running. Other sequencing capabilities include RESET, UP/DOWN, HOLD pulse inputs, and a switch to START or STOP the sequencer. PULSE STAGE SELECT inputs allow triggers from other modules to turn specific stages on... A unique feature is the A-B output (read A minus B). This outputs the difference between the voltages available separatly at A and B, a feature resulting in interesting harmonic effects when the three outputs are controlling VCOs.

The real power of the new shorter length Sequencer Programmers, however, is their use in tandem with one another. Two sequencers are more interesting than one. They can be phased one against the other with the same or separate clocks. They can be patched to interract with each other, providing an incredibly varied palette of rhythmic patterns. A master unit can control one or more slave sequencers, resulting in highly controllable flurries of tonal sequences being modulated both harmonically and rhythmically.

Thanks to Ty Hodson for pulling M-Class module information together from various sources. Other references include "Introduction of the Serge Modular Music System" by Rich Gold, Darrel Johansen, and Marina LaPalma
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