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Sequencer-A $1650.00 USD

Features and Notes

Sequencer (SEQ8)

The SEQUENCER (SEQ8) is a module with only two rows of output presets, but with 8 stages of sequencing in only four inches... Sequencing capabilities include RESET, UP/DOWN, HOLD pulse inputs, and a switch to START or STOP the sequencer. PULSE STAGE SELECT inputs allow triggers from other modules to turn specific stages on... A unique feature is the A-B output (read A minus B). This outputs the difference between the voltages available separately at A and B, a feature resulting in interesting harmonic effects when the three outputs are controlling VCOs.

Active Processor (ACPR)

The ACTIVE PROCESSOR (ACPR) is an accurate, linear cross-fader for either control voltages or audio signals. This module provides an important link in complex patches, allowing the user to smoothly change from one control voltage to another. It is possible to cross-fade between different envelopes, for example, or to gradually switch control over a bank of oscillators from one output of a sequencer to another output. A scaling buffer is included in the bottom section to further invert and process control voltages.

VC TimeGen Clock (TGC)

The VC TimeGen Clock has the left cell "blue" out being an asymmetrical tri wave & "red" out being a 50% duty cycle square wave output which stays constant through the manual "freq' POT range in combination with the "both" position selected w/ external CV -- BUT with the ability to modify the duty cycle (pulsewidth) of the output(s) using external CV source from either the front or the back of the pulse by selecting "rise" or "fall" on the CV source select switch. That way you can create syncopation in the rhythm patches & pulse width mod in the audio range use.

The right cell has DTG functionality, just like the CV TimeGen OSC.

Thanks to Ty Hodson for pulling M-Class module information together from various sources. Other references include "Introduction of the Serge Modular Music System" by Rich Gold, Darrel Johansen, and Marina LaPalma
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