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CV Matrix Mixer - $1600.00 USD

Features and Notes

Cross-Fader (XFAD)

The CROSS-FADER (XFAD) is an equal-power cross fade unit. The module has two signal inputs. As one signal increases in level at the output under manual or voltage control, the other signal decreases in level at the output. This effect is used to accurately fade one sound in while fading another out. Cross-fading with voltage control permits a smooth transformation between two different timbres. If a sound and its reverberated image (available with the Wilson Analog Delay) are sent through the cross-fader, the reverb mix can be voltage controlled. This effect can be used to modify the spatial characteristics of a sound event, from immediate presence to distant ambience. In addition to the cross-fade function, a VCA controls the output amplitude.

Matrix Mixer (MAX)

The MATRIX MIXER (MAX) is a four-in/four-out mixer with maximum versatility. Each input has four knobs which separately control the level of that input at each of the four outputs. This operation requires the four-by-four matrix. Four additional knobs are included to control the total output level of the four outputs. This arrangement allows the user to set four independent mixes with a separate output level control. Thus, each of the four mixes can be adjusted for the proper output level without affecting the balance of the four input signals. The first two inputs include a phase switch.

Thanks to Ty Hodson for pulling M-Class module information together from various sources. Other references include "Introduction of the Serge Modular Music System" by Rich Gold, Darrel Johansen, and Marina LaPalma
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