This site is dedicated to everyone interested in Serge Modular Music Synthesizers
The Serge Modular Planner!
Great panel planning resource by James Coplin
Pictures and General Info
Serge Modular Reviews - Harmony Central 
More drooly comments from people who've played with Serges
Synthesizer Museum - Serge Page 
Old Frank Zappa had a Serge, E-I-E-I-O
Analog Heaven
A couple photos from 1979, plus lots of useful commentary in the Archives section
A nifty Japanese page with photos from old Serge brochures
Studios, Crazy Musicians, CD's for Sale
Andre Stordeur's Analog Cottage
The gentleman from Belgium with weird ideas, strange tales, and decades of synthesizer works
Michael Firman 
Emusic tales, studio shots, Bob Moog, A freewheeling synthesizer band, and Mongolia!
Ivan Tcherepnin
Serge's late brother composed and taught at Harvard.
Center for Electronic Music
The oldest institute for electronic-and electro-acoustic music and research in the Netherlands.
Dhyan Moller's
Xtreme Analog
Todd Barton's starry-eyed synth band pages
A studio run by Chris Macdonald.  Listen to his CD!
Crawling Wind 
James Potter's 13 Drones CD.  Fun site, nice photos, rave reviews!
A recording studio site boasting several synthesizers, including an old Serge
studio a
Artist/producer Kirk Degiorgio's studio
Hmm... this guy wants your old busted Serge
Hardcore Experimental Minimalism, hear the tracks, get a CD!
Serge System Musician's Tapes
These are the titles and artists on the original "Musician's Tapes."  (1983)
Other Analog Modular Sites... the list keeps growing...
The "other" banana system. Great way to suppliment your Serge one module at a time!
3rd party Modcan format modules and more...
Moog Custom Engineering 
For those who absolutely must have a Moog Modular, these guys keep the fire lit
Affordable, compact and well-made modules
Cirocco Music Systems   
Phil Cirocco's
beautiful modular systems, plus repair on vintage Arps
Modular system from Switzerland
Synthesis Technology
Paul Schreiber's
modular line, kit and assembled
Grant Richter
has seen and done it all.  See his inspired, unique modules
Walk down memory lane, play with Thunder and Lightning
Believe it - John P. Simonton is back in the game with affordable kits
Blacet Research
Looking to inject some hot new blood into your system?  John Blacet delivers the goods!
Analogue Systems 
The new British Invasion, packaged similar to Doepfer, compact and affordable
Analogue Solutions 
Purveyors of the Concussor Modular and more 
Roger Arrick
sells a complete line of affordable modules and systems thru this web site
Eric Barbour
takes analog synthesizers into the TUBE AGE
Analog Synth Auction House
Vintage stuff for sale!
Odds 'n Ends
Serge Modular Discussion Group
Matt Wilson moderates this on Yahoo.
Creative Synth
Darwin Grosse's great online emusic journal, a must-see.
The Moog Archives
All things Moog from a historical point of view.
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