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(from 1981 Brochure)

Accurate Log-Linear Voltage Control

Nearly all voltage control functions of the SERGE modules are accurately log-linear. This means that a control voltage will be directly proportional to the logarithm of the effect it produces, whether the effect is a change in amplitude, duration, or frequency. Log-linearity is essential because we perceive differences in these parameters as a function of the ratio of the change, rather than as a function of the difference. We hear an octave (a ratio of 2 to 1 between two frequencies) whether the frequencies are 200 and 100 Hz or 2000 and 1000 Hz.

All Timing and Frequency Ranges Are Wide Range

The minimum range of any module in the SERGE system is at least 10,000 to 1, from the highest to the lowest frequency, or from the longest to the shortest duration. In many modules the ratio is typically 100,000 to one, and in some cases exceeds 1,000,000 to 1.

Input Processing At VC Inputs

This allows a voltage to be scaled at an input with regards to both the depth or intensity of its effect as well as its direction. The response of the module to a control voltage can be set at the processing input, reducing the need for intermediate processors and inverters.

Calibrated Inputs

Experience has shown that it is also desirable to have pre-scaled control voltage inputs at 1 volt per octave, especially when using keyboards or computer controls. All SERGE oscillators, filters, and envelope generators have both calibrated and processing type inputs

Patch Programmable Modules

These modules are at the heart of the versatility of the SERGE synthesizer. Examples can be seen in such modules as the Smooth & Stepped Function Generator, the Dual Universal Slope Generator, and the Universal Equal-Power Audio Processor


A Unique Packaging System

The SERGE synthesizer owes much of its versatility, portability, and affordability to the way it is packaged. Nearly any configuration of modules can be grouped together into one or more standard Panel/Racks. All holes are pre-punched to accommodate the entire line of SERGE modules. Jacks, switches, and other components are mounted onto the front Panel, and then the printed circuit boards are fitted into the Rack assembly behind the Panel. Since the Rack and its printed circuit boards open away from the Panel like a page in a book, both the initial assembly and its subsequent inspection are simplified.

Compatibility With Other Equipment

SERGE systems are electrically compatible with other synthesizers and audio equipment. When required, interfacing can usually be handled at each module's processing input. Adapters for other types of patchcords can be easily installed on the Panel…

Ease of Incorporating Custom Mode/s

This is another benefit of the Panel/Rack package. Custom circuits can be installed into the Panel without drilling a single hole. Using standard Vectorboard®, circuits can be fitted into the Rack and wired to front panel components. Custom faceplate graphics are easily applied without any special materials. The end result is a custom module integrated into the SERGE synthesizer with minimum effort.